Eligio Bishop Net Worth

Eligio Bishop Net Worth – How Much Money Does Eligio Bishop Really Have?

Eligio Bishop of Georgia has been charged with five offenses related to polygamy cult activity including rape and false imprisonment. Also known as Nature Boy and 3God, he reportedly holds more than 12 wives and children for which he advocates nudism, polygamy and not washing at all – something reports indicate as being his belief system. Apparently born in New York with American citizenship, he also worked as model, stripper and barber prior to this arrest.

Police conducted a raid at the Georgia home of a self-proclaimed religion leader on Wednesday evening and found evidence of any crimes they suspect he is engaging in, with them planning to file formal complaints against him as soon as they gather more details. Reportedly a member of Carbon Nation sect with many followers across both America and internationally.

Carbon Nation was initially formed in Honduras and later relocated to Costa Rica. Their leaders are thought to hail from New York and hold beliefs combining Christianity, Paganism and Indigenous perspectives. Unfortunately they have been kicked out of several countries over immigration concerns before eventually returning back home – with members eventually arriving back in California late 2017.

Velvet Marquez was part of an abusive sect while in college. Her relationship with them reportedly extended even during her pregnancy. When she came across one of its former members on Facebook, she began video chatting and texting with them; eventually becoming attracted to one who forced them both into marrying at a Las Vegas chapel and had children together.

As soon as she had managed to escape, she sought assistance and was soon in touch with a lawyer representing cult victims. This lawyer told her they have an application process for victims wishing assistance and she may regain her child back through that route. Furthermore, this cult had its own website offering advice for leaving, however this site had been blocked by government regulations.

No exact figures on how much money the cult possesses have been disclosed, though it does appear to have many followers on social media. Their leader, however, has been arrested in the past and faced criminal charges such as possession of marijuana and DUI charges – serving time behind bars in both instances.

He is currently being detained in DeKalb County, Georgia and expected to appear before a judge Thursday morning. His attorney has filed a request for a speedy trial with bond being secured as soon as possible.

No exact date of birth exists for the alleged cult leader, though most estimate he is around 40. Unfortunately, his parents remain unknown and there is no information regarding his education or employment; nonetheless he is known for posting YouTube videos with thousands of views attracting their followers to watch and sharing them online via Instagram and Facebook – helping build his profile online further.

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