Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas Gif

President Donald Trump revived a derogatory nickname against Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Monday. Trump referred to Warren as “Pocahontas” repeatedly when talking to Native Americans and reading the Mueller Report. This has prompted many people to parody Warren’s Native American heritage and presidential ambitions by creating humorous memes that make her look like a “Pocahontas.”

The controversy over the Senator’s Native American ancestry has followed her for years. But her recent release of DNA test results, confirming she is Native American, is part of a complex strategy designed to put an end to ancestry questions. Her DNA test results fit in with the stories about her family and are compatible with her public persona. The Senator released a campaign video in which clips of President Trump mocking her family history and countering the rumors about her Cherokee heritage.

The Daily Wire, an conservative news website, posted the meme. It references a report by Elizabeth Warren in October that showed she had Native American heritage. She has faced accusations of exaggerating her Native American heritage as a means of benefiting from affirmative action programs. These claims are not based and do not serve Native Americans’ interests.

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