Eminem Nake

Val Kilmer, the Doors’ star, claimed that Eminem was naked. Eminem spoke out about the embarrassing moment at the 2009 MTV Awards trailer. While many people were horrified by the image, Eminem remained humble and did not apologize. Eminem continues to release albums and appear on films all over the globe, despite his controversial image. Let’s take a look back at some of his most memorable moments.

First, Eminem shared the story about meeting Top Gun actor Val Kilmer in 2009. Eminem claims that the actor was in his trailer while he was filming the movie. Eminem is open about his personal life but is often trolled and snubbed by his fans. However, this time, he shared a photo with Mike D with the actor. Minaj has also shot down dating rumors between Eminem and Nicki Minaj, saying the two are too busy making music to be dating.

The rapper’s latest music video has been branded as ‘evil’ by some critics. Eminem imagines killing a woman and then turning the gun on himself. The video has been criticized for its disturbing depiction of domestic violence, and he has been accused of exploiting the image of sexuality to sell music. Gigwise has compiled a list with some of the most controversial Eminem videos.

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