Evan Goldschneider Net Worth

Evan Goldschneider Net Worth

Evan Goldschneider is Jackie Goldschneider’s husband and an investment firm partner. His estimated net worth as of 2020 was estimated to be approximately $7 Million. Since July 2016 he has worked as part of Hawthorne Lane Capital Group; previously Beachhead Capital Management LLC; as well as holding senior positions with Merrill Lynch, Olympia Capital Management RiskMetrics Group JP Morgan Chase and Credit Suisse among many other large firms.

Personal information: In his personal life, he is an involved parent and frequent attendee at family events with his wife. They both enjoy traveling together, having taken many trips together. On weekends away from work he enjoys playing golf or spending time with his children and is an ardent supporter of local sports teams.

Career wise, Goldschneider works at Hawthorne Lane Capital Group in New York City as a partner. Over 17 years in finance has allowed him to establish an excellent reputation. He shares his wealth of knowledge freely with those eager to learn about the industry.

Beginning his professional journey as an analyst for Credit Suisse, a global financial services provider. Following that move, he transitioned to JP Morgan Chase where he gained associate status. Following this experience gain, he gained employment at Olympia Capital Management where he held vice presidency status; additionally serving RiskMetrics Group and JP Morgan Chase in this capacity as well.

His professional achievements are impressive, but what truly distinguishes him is his immense intellect. With a Master’s in Business Administration from Georgetown University McDonough School of Business under his belt, he was able to utilize this education to build an outstanding financial sector career.

No one should be surprised that he and his wife are so successful in their careers, given how well they work as a team. Married for over 17 years and parents of twin boys (Jonas/Adin/Alexis), it stands as testament to their hard work and determination.

Goldschneider and his wife boast an extensive real estate investment portfolio that generates considerable monthly rental income across New Jersey, Manhattan and the Hamptons properties. Each one brings in considerable cash each month – another way they have been able to build up wealth over time – something worth admiring! For a deeper insight into their story be sure to tune into RHONJ when it airs on Bravo or follow them online where they regularly post beautiful family photos as well as updates regarding their lives – we can’t wait to see what lies ahead for this power couple!

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