Ex-life Hunter

The Ex-Life Hunter series on PlayStation 4 follows the story of an ordinary F-rank hunter named Gang HyeonJoon. The game focuses on his past lives, and he must save his past selves from terrible situations. He must find a key to destroy his past selves and restore their powers. The player must then learn how to control their powers. However, the game is not for the faint of heart.

The Ex-Life Hunter, after spending thousands of years in a Wolf World, has teleported back into the real world. The Master in the Shadows and Final Sword Saint have praised his courage, and he is now an F-rank Hunter. The program requires a lot of hard work, so you must be a strong hunter. You will be tested mentally and physically. The game will require you to sacrifice a great deal to achieve your goals.

The first game in the series sees the ex-life hunter trying to change his life. The first life he spent hunting wolves is filled with errors and mistakes, and he tries to make amends with his new life. The wolf tribe isn’t interested in trading human lives so he must find a way for his life to improve. There are two ways you can change your life.

Kang HyeonJoon, a normal F-rank hunter, struggles to survive in the underground dungeons. He’s desperate to get by, after his girlfriend leaves him. However, one night, he goes home drunk and meets an old man. Kang HyeonJoon’s life changes dramatically and he must use all of his past lives to save his current one.

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