Fbg Cash Net Worth

FBG Cash Net Worth – Rapper Tristian Hamilton

FBG Cash, also known by his real name Tristian Hamilton from Chicago, passed away at 31 on June 10, 2022 at an age of 31. Known for his upbeat raps and music as well as social media influencer and entrepreneur roles he also had a large following on both Instagram and Twitter with fans appreciating both his style and lyrics in his songs.

American musician Jaden Smith was an associate of Gangster Disciples gang and collaborated with various notable rappers such as No More Free Cash and Cream. Furthermore, in addition to rapping, he was an accomplished writer and producer of music videos.

Over his long musical career, he amassed considerable wealth through music. He released numerous singles and albums which became widely-heard among listeners; one such release was One Time with Dutchie performing alongside him.

While the cause of his death remains unclear, he was shot multiple times by an unidentified gunman on Chicago’s South Side while sitting in his car with 29-year-old woman passenger when an unknown gunman emerged and opened fire with multiple bullets from their four-door sedan parked nearby. Both passengers suffered gunshot injuries as the shooter fled from scene in black four-door sedan.

Tristian Hamilton, better known by his stage name FBG Cash, was an American rapper, singer-songwriter, musician, composer, and social media influencer. A member of the Fly Boy Gang with collaboration from Lil Jay, Billionaire Black, Wooski and Young Mello among others; FBG Cash became famed for energetic raps focused on violence, money and threats towards opponents.

Music video productions by him were an instantaneous hit on YouTube, often featuring dancers and special effects. His YouTube channel amassed over 10k subscribers and garnered well over 300,000 views – even so, allegations regarding criminal activities cast doubt upon his wealth.

FBG Cash was not only an accomplished rapper but was also an entrepreneur with his own clothing line and an active philanthropist, giving away thousands of dollars to charities in need. His contributions will always be remembered. May his soul rest in peace.

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