Gene Regular Show

Gene is the park manager of East Pines in the TV series Regular Show. He makes several appearances on the show, and is a major antagonist in some episodes. He’s voiced by Kurtwood Smith, who also voiced Clarence Boddicker in RoboCop, Thomas Perry in Dead Poets Society, and Walt Disney in Robot Chicken.

The character was first introduced in the episode “Prankless” and has since appeared in other episodes. His pranks first appeared in “Prankless” where he had a prank war with Benson, but was ultimately thwarted by Benson. He also recurs in the Christmas special, where he helps Benson out and shows his love for the holidays.

In “The Christmas Special,” Thomas rescues the Park staff from Quillgin’s men after they trespass in East Pines Park. He accidentally thinks that they’re pranksters, and guides them through the park’s volcano. He warns them of booby traps, and eventually saves them from Quillgin’s men. Thomas also cuts the gas in the golf carts and cuts the wire of the emergency phone.

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