Geoffrey Beene Watch

For men and women who are into high-end and sophisticated accessories, Geoffrey Beene’s watch line is the perfect choice. The company’s collections feature classic styles with innovative details. All of the watches are backed by a two-year warranty. Geoffrey Beene watches have classic looks that are made to last.

The brand has become a household name for its luxurious timepieces. Some of its products are water resistant, such as the silver toned quartz metal and alloy dress watch. Another popular product is the black quartz metal and alloy dress watch with a full crystal bezel and a silver toned dial.

Geoffrey Beene’s watches are not expensive, but they are made from the highest-quality materials. For example, the dial window is the most delicate part of a watch, so the brand uses the best protection available. The glass on the dial window is scratch-resistant, and all of the world’s top watchmakers use glass.

A decade ago, Geoffrey Beene watches were known for their excellent quality. The price was almost double what it is now. The company blames the rise in competition for the fall in quality. However, watch collectors still praise Geoffrey Beene watches for their fine materials and reliable movements.

Geoffrey Beene studied medicine at Tulane University in New Orleans, but soon left school to pursue his dream of fashion. He later transferred to the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and worked in the retail shop of I. Margin while studying. After studying fashion for three years in California, he returned to New York and enrolled in the Traphagen School of Fashion.

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