Girrrrl Meme

The girrrrl meme was made popular when a woman snapped a photo and yelled at a guy. The image is now plastered across the Internet. People are using it in various ways, usually writing in caps locks to mimic shouting, and sharing problems they want to shout about.

The photo was originally posted on a music festival, but later spread and became a viral sensation. The woman in the photo was an ex-boyfriend of the man who was being photographed. The photographer did not intend for her to be the main subject, but it became a popular meme. The girl was actually singing along to a song when the photo was taken. Although the girrrl meme first surfaced in Argentina, it has gained worldwide attention since.

The VSCO girl is not the first high school stereotype to go viral. Horse girls, e-boys, and scene kids have all gone viral before, but the VSCO girl is the only one that has achieved virality so quickly. And it has generated the most media attention. The VSCO girl even inspired a book and a guide to the meme.

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