Giuliana Rancic Son Gender Neutral

Giuliana Rancic has joined forces with Abercrombie Kids to launch a new line for kids – the Everybody Collection. This line will feature clothing designed for both boys and girls. Unlike many clothing lines that make gender distinctions, the Everybody Collection will feature the same clothing in different colors. This means that your son can wear the same colors and styles as his sister, and he or she will feel comfortable wearing the same clothes as you do.

Giuliana Rancic and her son Duke, who is six and a half years old, have collaborated on a gender-neutral clothing line for Abercrombie Kids. To create the collection, Giuliana Rancic asked her son what he would wear and what he thought of the designs. They also got hands-on with the process, spending time at the company’s headquarters in Ohio and learning how to screen print.

Giuliana and Bill’s reality show Giuliana & Bill introduced their son Duke. During the show, Giuliana and Bill shared video footage of Duke’s first feeding and Giuliana’s first time feeling like a new mom. They also shared a video of Duke being baptized.

The Rancics are also raising awareness about the importance of STEM education for kids. They’ve been encouraging Duke to explore gadgets and toys that teach STEM, and they’ve also partnered with Learning Resources to promote STEM education. Giuliana Rancic and her husband plan to have another child when they are done with their treatments.

Giuliana and Bill were married in 2007 and tried for a baby for several years. They eventually turned to in vitro fertilization. In August 2012, they welcomed their first child via surrogate. Despite their struggles, the two continued to host red carpet events for E! News. Their shows included Fashion Police and Ready for Love. The couple recently announced they would stop hosting the E! red carpet in May 2021.

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