Glenn Plummer Net Worth

Glenn Plummer Net Worth

Glenn Plummer net worth is an American actor who has been working since the mid 1980s. Since then he has appeared in over 40 films and television shows as both lead or supporting actor; most notably for his part in 1995’s Showgirls. Alongside acting, Plummer also works as producer/director, working alongside directors like Oliver Stone and Quentin Tarantino among many others. Plummer is best known for playing tough, streetwise characters onscreen.

In the 1990s, he appeared in several high-profile movies such as Menace II Society and South Central. Additionally, he became known for his appearances in television movies and mini-series such as The Women of Brewster Place, Heat Wave and The Corner; also making appearances in shows like Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, ER Dexter Sons of Anarchy among others. Furthermore he voiced several animated characters such as Mr Sniffles in The Simpsons as well as Peter Stickles in Showgirls 2 Penny’s from Heaven among others.

He has received many honors and awards throughout his career, such as winning the Black Reel Award for Best Supporting Actor in The Corner in 2000. Additionally, his performances in Ruby’s Bucket of Blood and The Day After Tomorrow received great acclaim and several Emmy nominations were sent his way.

Glenn Plummer is an active participant in the Coalition for Black and Jewish Unity in Detroit, a group dedicated to building relations between Jews and African-Americans in Michigan. He and Pauline are close with Rabbi Marla Hornsten, co-chairwoman of this coalition; Rabbi Hornsten has spoken at Temple Israel in West Bloomfield where Pauline lives with Glenn.

Anti-missionary activists have launched attacks against this couple who they claim arrived in Israel with the intent to evangelize Ethiopian communities. The Plummers deny these allegations. Though involved with five Messianic Jewish congregations here in Israel, no such request has ever come their way to convert Ethiopian communities.

Glenn Plummer was born in Richmond, California on August 18, 1961 and currently resides there with his four children and two wives. As a Democrat who supports civil rights and religious freedom he finds time for playing sports as well as spending quality time with family. He is an avid supporter of both the Los Angeles Lakers and San Francisco Giants. Additionally, he enjoys golfing as well as watching basketball and football games. Furthermore, his passion lies with music; he’s an accomplished singer-drummer duo with extensive performance experience having performed at multiple venues as vocalist for numerous bands. He enjoys listening to jazz, country and classical music and has an appreciation of history and world culture. Plummer is also an avid philanthropist who has given of his time to many worthy causes; additionally he is an accomplished artist with strong spiritual convictions.

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