Gloria Trevi Net Worth

Gloria Trevi Net Worth – How Much Is Gloria Trevi Worth?

A popular Mexican singer, songwriter, actress, television host and dancer, Gloria Trevi is known as “The Supreme Diva of Mexican Pop.” She is also an active television personality and a businesswoman. Her net worth is estimated at $40 million as of 2022.

As a child, Gloria Trevi lived in Tepito, Mexico with her mother and two older sisters. When she was five, she began taking ballet and piano lessons. Eventually, she went on to become a professional performer and a street singer.

In the 1980s, Gloria Trevi joined a short-lived girl group called Boquitas Pintadas. She signed her first record contract with Sony Music Ariola. However, the group broke up after three years. By the 1990s, Gloria had a solo career and released her first album, Que Hago Aqui?, which is still in print today.

After releasing a number of albums, Gloria Trevi became one of the top selling Latin musicians of all time. She has sold over 20 million albums worldwide. Though she has faced controversy in the past, her success as an entertainer has not diminished. Today, she is still a famous name in the Latin music industry. With her latest album, Como Nace El Universo, she is aiming to make her return to the spotlight.

During her career, Trevi has appeared in a variety of series and films. Her performances on the MTV Video Music Awards and the Latin Grammy Awards are the most memorable. Other movies and television shows include Protagonists of the reality show (2011), Who killed Patricia Soler (2015), Assassin Women 2 (2009), and Valeria (2008).

Her personal life has been a hot topic in the media as well. She has been accused of child prostitution and corruption of minors, and her life was put under a lot of scrutiny. However, the charges against her were eventually dropped. The accusations against her were largely due to lack of evidence. Fortunately, the judge who heard the case acquitted her in 2004.

Trevi is now residing in Texas with her husband, Armando Gomez. They have a son, Angel Gabriel, and a daughter, Ana Andrade. Their marriage lasted nearly a decade. They also have a Fat Trevi Burger chain in Mexico City.

Despite her controversial past, Trevi is still a popular figure in the Mexican pop industry. As such, she continues to tour the United States and South America. She has also been an important figure in the LGBTQIA community, and has been a vocal supporter of gay rights. For her achievements, she received the Premio Lo Nuestro award for Pop Female Artist of the Year in 2009.

According to Forbes, Trevi is the richest World Music Singer. This includes her income from her primary career as a singer and actress, as well as residuals and endorsements from other artists and companies. It also includes her total liabilities.

Although she has experienced ups and downs in her career, the diva’s success has been credited to her platinum albums. While she had an unsuccessful career in the early 2000s, her return to the music scene in 2005 helped bring her back to the public eye.

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