Gobie Water Bottle Net Worth 2022

Gobie H2O Net Worth 2022

Rusty Allen, an industrial design entrepreneur, has invented what he claims is the world’s most advanced filtered water bottle. His invention incorporates both soft and hard shell technology; simply gripping the bottle will enable users to pump water up through its filter system. Allen claims that his invention could save consumers up to $300 per year in drinking costs.

The Gobie H20 water bottle boasts a 22-ounce capacity, is BPA free, and boasts innovative features such as a replaceable filter and flexible silicone straw. Customization options allow it to fit with different colors and designs; manufacturing by PolyOne Corporation ensures FDA compliance while the high-quality Versaflex material used is FDA compliant and its design was patented in 2023.

On his Shark Tank pitch, Allen explained how his product reduces plastic waste and provides portable clean, filtered water on-the-go. He requested $300,000. As an investment return for 10% ownership. Daymond John offered $400k instead; thus increasing its valuation to $750,000.

Lori Greiner notes that there are similar products on the market, and she questions if the Gobie H20 water bottle stands out enough from them to stand out from competition. She mentions seeing other bottles with built-in filters on them that she wonders about how much of an impact there really is in terms of differentiation between them all.

Robert Herjavec recognizes the market for water filtration is vast, yet he remains wary of how fierce competition in this space may be. He suspects his competitors to be well-funded and established; therefore he’s skeptical that Gobie H2O will be able to compete successfully within this marketplace.

Mark Cuban concurred with Herjavec that the market for Allen’s bottle is vast; therefore he believes its products won’t stand out against a competitive environment. Cuban advised Allen to focus on what sets their bottle apart – its sleek design.

Gobie H2O has since gone dark online and its bottles cannot be purchased on Amazon. All its social media accounts have also been deactivated. Allen has established Happi Canine which sells fish oil-infused CBD supplements specifically tailored for canines.

Gobie H2O water bottle was invented by industrial designer Rusty Allen and debuted on Shark Tank in 2013. These reusable and removable filter water bottles feature a lifetime warranty and high cost, but have proven successful. Their distribution network extends even to the US Department of Defense! Awards were won as well for these multifunctional bottles made with ceramic filters which can be reversed reversibly as well as dishwasher safe filters which come equipped with various color bottles available with them – truly multitaskers!

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