Good Burger Costume

The Good Burger Employee costume combines a blue and white striped shirt with white pants, a black belt, and white shoes. The iconic burger cook’s hat completes the look. This costume is easy to recreate with a few simple accessories and the proper shoes. Ed’s braided wig and cook hat complete the look.

Fans of the 90s Nickelodeon show Keenan and Kel can turn into their favorite characters in a Good Burger costume. This Halloween costume combines a burger costume with a hat and white shirt. This costume can be worn by one person, or a group. The burgerman costume can be paired with a white hat to add a little extra flair.

The Good Burger costume is easy to make and will fit anyone. The film is based on the popular Nickelodeon TV show. The show stars Kel Mitchell and Keenan Thompson. The plot revolves around two teenage guys who are in high school and working at a local burger joint. Their job is threatened by a mysterious burger company called Mondo Burger, and they try to save it from failure.

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