Good Design Award Oxo

Oxo, founded on the Universal Design concept in 1990, is a manufacturer of consumer household goods. Its collection includes more than 800 products that help you do things around the house with ease. The collection includes tools for cooking, cleaning, organizing, and gardening. The company’s products are available in 54 countries and are part of the permanent collections of many museums. Its design has won more than 100 design awards and is often cited as a model for Universal Design.

The Oxo tap series was chosen from a list of seven thousand entries in the prestigious 2020 IF Design Awards. This international design competition celebrates the best in design and is a symbol of outstanding design achievement. The winners were chosen by 78 independent design experts. Oxo was selected as one of the winners of the competition from 7,300 products submitted from 56 countries.

The OXO WaterForest has been praised for its innovative and sustainable design. The award reflects the company’s commitment to creating a more sustainable home. The water saving features of the Oxo tap make it an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional taps. Its water conserving features include a cold opening and a five-liter capacity. The company partnered with the Eden Project to develop the product, which has received widespread acclaim in the international design community.

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