Gothic Wedding Suit

If you’ve been dreaming of a wedding suit that evokes the mood of the Gothic genre, then a gothic wedding suit could be the perfect option. Gothic weddings are often dark and elegant, featuring greens and theatrics, as well as twisted humour and a dark color palette.

While black mourning gowns are always the first choice for a goth wedding dress, other dark colors can also be striking. Dita Von Teese, for instance, wore a purple silk dress with matching tricorn hat. Lydia Deetz, meanwhile, donned a black gown with red tulle and a ruffled veil.

For the bride, a gothic wedding dress is often made from black lace or red velvet. A dress with these materials will be flattering on almost any body type. If you’re an hourglass or pear-shaped woman, a long-sleeved, strapless gown may look best on you. Similarly, strapless gowns are also a great choice for ladies with a large bust.

Black and dark shades of makeup and hair also add to the gothic look. A white wedding dress can also look great when accessorized with gothic jewelry. Make sure the bridal bouquet includes red and purple roses. Makeup for the bride should be smoked halo eyeshadow and a deep red lipstick. The groom can choose an outfit that complements the bride’s look.

Choosing a gothic wedding suit can be easy with the right accessories. A black suit can be worn in a gothic wedding and a skinny tie will keep the look from looking costumey. Adding a burgundy calla lily boutonniere will make the wedding outfit more fun and exciting.

The Gothic Collection features men’s and women’s formal wear from some of the world’s most celebrated gothic fashion designers. The designs feature redingote models, coattails, waistcoats, and metallic accessories. Its dark colors and intricate detailing make it a suitable option for weddings with an alternative theme.

Goth weddings are often set in antique architecture. For example, a Gothic wedding can take place in a castle or centuries-old manor with pointed spires, stained wood, and elaborate fireplaces. A gothic wedding can also take place outdoors in a dark forest or a cavern lit by candles.

Whether you are looking for a formal or semi-formal gothic wedding suit, you can find a gothic style wedding dress on the internet. These dresses are handmade and range in price from under $600 to over $1000, depending on the type and size you choose. However, keep in mind that you may have to get alterations locally, so be sure to factor this into your budget before purchasing your suit. Another consideration is shipping costs. If you order a dress from outside of the United States, you may be faced with import duties and custom fees. Additionally, you might not receive your order in time for your ceremony.

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