Green Velour Tracksuit

The Juicy green velour tracksuit is an icon in the fashion world. It has become a symbol for bratty trust fund heiresses and self-centered third wives. It’s appeared on the bodies of Kim Kardashian and Nicole Richie and was also featured in an episode of the popular TV show The Simple Life. The tracksuit is also featured in the upcoming film, The Bling Ring, where Emma Watson plays the role of Alexis Neiers. In the film, she wears a cap-sleeved Juicy tracksuit with Ugg boots.

The velour tracksuit is a classic harkening back to the peak-TMZ era. Many athletic brands have carried on the tradition of the tracksuit with new and updated takes on the classic design. Designers like Gucci, Phipps, Martine Rose, and Y/Project reimagined the velour tracksuit in a luxe way. Besides reworking the classic cut, these designers also added upscale details that make the tracksuit a modern loungewear.

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