Greg Alterman

Greg Alterman has a lot of experience in the apparel industry. He started selling T-shirts out of his car when he was a kid. He later landed a golf scholarship to the University of Florida, but dropped out his sophomore year to pursue his passion for entrepreneurship. Eventually, he established his first successful shirt company, Alternate Apparel, and it has since grown to become a $60 million company.

After founding Juice Served Here and Alternative Apparel, Greg Alterman has gone back to the world of retail with his latest brand, M/F People. The brand features nearly 90 styles of apparel and skincare products. The clothing and accessories retail for around $20 to $125. Despite the name, the products are priced well below other branded apparel and beauty lines. Alterman aims to bring a more affordable lifestyle to everyone with his m/f people brand.

After a stroke left him bedridden for six months, Alterman began to analyze his daily routine and noticed the gender-based divisions in clothing. This inspired him to create Alternative Apparel, a line of clothing for men and women. According to the entrepreneur, unisex shirts have been the company’s most popular products.

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