Greg Mcelroy Net Worth

Greg McElroy Net Worth

Greg McElroy is an ex-American football player and current sports media commentator who made his mark through college and NFL commentary. Over time he has earned considerable revenue as part of sports media commentary; becoming increasingly well-known while amassing a significant fan following over time. Furthermore, Greg is involved with various philanthropic activities.

As of 2020, he serves as an ESPN college football analyst and hosts Thinking Out Loud on their SEC Network. Furthermore, he co-hosts WJOX radio show in Birmingham Alabama earning around $135,000 per year and building up a substantial net worth.

McElroy currently resides with Meredith in Birmingham. They have been happily in a relationship for an extended period and there have been no reports or whispers of potential separation issues between them. Together, they share one son, which they keep private details about, and remain extremely content within their union.

As a quarterback for the New York Jets at first, then later moving to Cincinnati Bengals as backup for Mark Sanchez before retiring in 2014. Since then, he has played for other teams while amassing an impressive total earnings figure of $830,000 alone from football career.

After retiring from the NFL, he began working for ESPN as both college and NFL football commentator. His fans have taken notice of his work and have appreciated him immensely; since then his salary has steadily increased; it’s expected that he will continue earning good money for years to come.

He is active on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, with over 174k followers on each. Furthermore, Instagram boasts 25k+ followers of him as well. Furthermore, his attitude towards life and support of teammates have always been very positive.

Greg McElroy was born in Los Angeles, California on May 10, 1988 to Greg Sr. and Jami McElroy and moved with them when he was 10 years old due to Greg Sr’s job with the Dallas Cowboys; at Carroll Senior High School he began playing football, becoming well-known within Carroll Football Team as a talented youngster. Additionally he went on to pursue sports media professionally as well as his hardworking and dedicated dedication in his chosen profession; with their support he persevered despite any challenges faced along the way!

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