Grey’s Anatomy Costume

For Halloween, why not dress up as a character from Grey’s Anatomy? These costumes are comfortable and available for purchase. In fact, you can wear one all night and then put it in your pajamas by November 1. Because the action is set within the hospital walls, the main characters wear scrubs for most of the episodes.

Fans of the show should also consider dressing as Owen and Cristina for Halloween. While the show’s characters have often struggled with relationships and even a second marriage, the two characters’ relationship is epic. This makes dressing as Owen and Cristina a perfect choice for Halloween. The first step is to find a ginger-haired wig, and practice quotable lines from Cristina.

A second step is to buy a costume. The show’s costume designers aren’t exactly cheap, but they can make a dress that will look great for a long time. The designers at Shonda Rhimes’ Grey’s Anatomy have also been known to create unique costumes.

The food at a Grey’s Anatomy-themed party can be light and healthy. Instead of serving a heavy meal, you can serve finger foods and cupcakes. Alternatively, you can order in food. Aside from fried pickles and cupcakes, you can also order from McDonald’s. You can also serve your guests with a variety of different drinks, including vodka shots and jungle juice.

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