Grey’s Anatomy The Makings Of You

Grey’s Anatomy: The Makings of You is a TV show that focuses on the life and times of young doctors struggling to become doctors, while also staying human. The show is full of hilarious interns, the intensity of medical training, and the complications of relationships.

In season 18 episode twelve, Meredith and Nick spend a romantic weekend together at Meredith’s cabin. However, Meredith cannot put her cell phone away, and Nick wants her to switch off her brain. Despite Nick’s best efforts to stop her, they end up getting hot and heavy. The two are interrupted when Nick’s niece Charlotte and her boyfriend walk in.

Maggie has been dealing with abandonment issues for years, and it is apparent that these problems have only become worse over time. In addition to her feelings about Ellis, she hasn’t spoken about her feelings for a very long time. Luckily, Grey Sloan is a place where she can talk about her feelings.

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