Rudy Giuliani is an attorney and former New York mayor. In 2008, he ran for president. His campaign, however, was disastrous, due in part to his liberal policies and complicated family image. Since his political exit, Giuliani’s public image has become more bizarre. He has made a number of controversial comments, including smearing former President Barack Obama with a racial slur and promoting propaganda to make people hate the police. And now, he’s joined Donald Trump’s legal team.

Giuliani is also facing legal issues. He has previously been suspended from practicing law by a New York appellate court over his false claims of election fraud. Then, he was sued by a voting company in Washington, DC for false claims. It’s unclear when the suit will be resolved. In the meantime, Giuliani could be facing a criminal charge, unless he proves that he was hacked by an opposition party.

The two terms that Giuliani served as mayor of New York were marked by the city’s political culture changing. Giuliani’s efforts to crack down on squeegee men and close X-rated movie theaters, among other things, made the city safer for mostly White people. At the same time, he also began gentrifying working-class neighborhoods, resulting in a much more diverse city. However, during his tenure, the conditions of unemployed and poor people remained difficult. His administration was also marked by the introduction of stop-and-frisk searches, which were later declared unconstitutional.

The last name Guliani is a unique choice for a last name. Although it is a popular choice in India, it is not the most common choice of a first name globally. It is, however, the most common family name in India, and one in six million people bear this last name.

In New York, Giuliani’s efforts at bringing the mob’s leaders to justice drew widespread public scrutiny. The New York Times reported in 1985 that the New York attorney had taken a radical approach to prosecuting crime families. He said that he would go after the “Five Families” whose top leaders held secret meetings since 1931. He would also take on the purported heads of the Genovese family and others involved in the mob’s business.

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