The relationship between Hannah Blake and Blake is not new. Before they started filming the reality series, Hannah and Blake had a brief meeting. According to reports, Hannah’s friend Olivia Caridi had been flirting with Blake for some time before the show started. Hannah, on the other hand, had feelings for Blake. The two were not so open about their relationship during the show, and Hannah was upset with Tayshia for making her upset.

In last week’s episode, Dylan was suspicious of the relationship between Blake and Hannah. He suspected that Blake was seeing Hannah before Paradise and DMed Hannah G. because he had slept with Caelynn. Before he can appear on the next season, he will have a to confess to Hannah’s relationship to him. This could lead to an explosive scene. Hannah is not a happy camper and Dylan’s reaction is understandable.

The couple moved in together in November of 2020 and continued to share their beautiful memories. They celebrated their second anniversary on June 28 of the following year. Fans are still wondering when the couple will wed. Rumours have it that they put off their wedding plans due to the pandemic. However, this could be far from true. Fans will be thrilled when Hannah and Dylan tie their knot!

Hannah Godwin flirted with Blake Horstmann before the show even started. Blake Barbour was Dylan’s boyfriend before the show started. However, Hannah was torn between Dylan and Blake, and kissed him several times in front of Dylan. Despite their apparent closeness, Dylan and Hannah’s relationship could end if they didn’t work out. This storyline could prove to be extremely dangerous and polarizing for viewers of the series.

The Aug. 12 episode saw Hannah and Blake’s love triangle intensify. Hannah refused to go on a date with Jordan Kimball, and told Dylan she wanted to spend time with Blake. Later, while swing dancing at the beach, she gave Blake an intimate kiss. An expert on body language has analyzed Hannah’s kissing and sexy gestures to determine if she really is interested in Blake.

Blake’s first meeting with Hannah was a sexy one. He reached out to Hannah and suggested they try some dance moves. Hannah’s secretive nature meant that she didn’t divulge much about their relationship before Blake walked in. However, after they kissed, Dylan confronted them. He tried to convince Blake that Hannah was lying to him but he refused.

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