Harry Anderson Net Worth

Harry Anderson Net Worth

Harry Anderson earned a net worth estimated to be about $10 Million through acting, comedy and magic; as well as being an author who published several books on magic as well as running a shop that sold supplies for magicians.

Beginning as a magician and performing live onstage and TV shows before transitioning into acting. His most notable roles have included Saturday Night Live and Cheers as well as lesser-known sitcoms.

Anderson mostly worked in television, though he did appear in some films such as The Long, Hot Summer and Seven Days in May. Additionally, he has made many other television appearances such as The Untouchables, MacGyver and Columbo.

Anderson is not only involved with acting but is also actively engaged with several charitable organizations. He currently sits on the Board of Trustees for Challengers Boys and Girls Club in an episode from season 4. Additionally, he belongs to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society as well as helping various environmental groups.

Anderson enjoys spending his free time playing golf and tennis. Additionally, he collects cars and memorabilia from his years in entertainment – including autographed photos and posters from Night Court.

Harry Anderson began his life in Newport, Rhode Island where he was born. Both his parents were involved with entertainment; thus shaping his upbringing into one that heavily emphasized magic and theater performances. Although initially studying business at college, Harry ultimately decided to go into show business instead.

After graduating college, he moved to California and began working in television. He appeared in various sitcoms before landing one of the most renowned roles – that of Judge Harry Stone on Night Court – which earned him immense respect from fans across the United States.

Anderson also ventured into directorial and producing roles during some of his later work. He wrote and directed episodes for Night Court as well as creating and directing The Distinguished Gentleman movie; even though its critical and commercial failure did not stop Anderson from continuing his acting career.

Harry Anderson currently boasts an estimated net worth of $20 Million as of 2020, which he earned through acting and investing. He plans on starring alongside John Larroquette in a reboot of Night Shift as it airs, most likely reprising his former judge role from before. When not acting or working as an actor, Anderson enjoys spending time with family, dogs and traveling while spending time with his friends; not to mention having an amazing sense of humor which always keeps people laughing!

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