Harry Dean Stanton Net Worth

Harry Dean Stanton Net Worth

Harry Dean Stanton net worth was one of the richest individuals worldwide due to his hard work, determination, and focus. Through this success he amassed one of the largest fortunes.

Robert Hays is widely revered for his performances as both lead and character actors in movies such as ‘Repo Man,’ Paris Texas and Cool Hand Luke. Additionally, he had an accomplished musical and singing career which spanned over sixty years.

Stanton served in the United States Navy during World War II and upon completing his service went on to pursue a career in acting and singing, graduating from Lexington’s ‘University of Kentucky’ and studying acting at Pasadena Playhouse (Pasadena, California).

Tomahawk Trail marked Stanton’s first movie role before going on to star in several more, such as Paris Texas. Later he also had roles in The Green Mile, Pretty in Pink and Seven Psychopaths; touring as a musician he even appeared in music videos of popular artists like Bob Dylan!

Harry Dean Stanton has garnered numerous honors throughout his life. Nominated for an Academy Award as Best Actor in 1976 and winning both an Emmy and Golden Globe Award the same year; also nominated and winning the BAFTA Award for Leading Role Actor 1984 before earning membership on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Harry Dean Stanton was a passionate supporter of the arts, especially jazz music. An avid collector, he owned many paintings as well as vintage cars and motorcycles in his collection. For decades he lived in a small house overlooking San Fernando Valley; was regular at West Hollywood landmark Dan Tana’s restaurant; enjoyed listening to Bob Dylan works; had a distinctive sense of style evident both through how he dressed and spoke; his death came as an unexpected shock for both fans and friends who deeply mourn his absence; his loss; truly missed.

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