Hasim Rahman Net Worth

Hasim Rahman Net Worth

Hasim Rahman reportedly has an estimated net worth of $5 Million. He amassed his fortune through his career as a professional boxer. His wealth includes a beautiful home and numerous cars; as well as being a popular social media influencer; with over 5 million followers on Instagram alone! Hasim is known to always compete against himself; this makes him an excellent sportsman; in addition, he has also featured in movies and shows before going onto have a wonderful family life and career!

Hasim Sharif Rahman Jr Wiki is an American professional boxer, media figure, and social media influencer born in 1991 and widely recognized throughout the nation as well as being an accomplished gamer – something his parents are very proud of him for doing! Currently residing in Las Vegas as an accomplished individual.

Hasim Rahman is well-loved both domestically and abroad. Former lineal, WBC, IBO, and IBF heavyweight champion before his loss to Wladimir Klitschko in December 2008; Hasim rahman boasts many fans across his home nation of Bangladesh as well as internationally.

Prior to becoming a professional boxer, Hasim worked as an enforcer for drug dealers. Known for surviving multiple shootings and one car accident that left permanent scarring on his cheek and ear. After an initial stint in jail he eventually turned professional boxing at age 20; first making 10 amateur bouts before turning professional on December 3, 1994 where in 12 fights he recorded 11 knockout victories winning him his regional USBA heavyweight championship title.

Hasim made headlines in 2001 for his spectacular upset victory against Lennox Lewis to capture the unified heavyweight championship. Unfortunately for Hasim, Lewis would eventually come back and win their rematch later that year before going on to defend it once more against Monte Barrett before finally relinquishing it to Hasim in 2006.

The Rock was an enormous disappointment to fans after his loss against Klitschko in the final round of their first fight, yet made amends by winning their second bout and returning to the top of his division.

The Rock is currently training for his fight with Jake Paul and expected to earn a significant sum from this bout. He can often be found out and about with friends in Los Angeles living a lavish lifestyle – with plenty of cash stashed away in his bank account and new projects underway that should help him reach even higher goals – we wish him success in his upcoming contest!

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