Hilary Farr Son Josh Age

Hilary Farr is a proud mother of a son named Josh. Josh was born in 1982, shortly after his parents got married. Hilary Farr is currently co-hosting HGTV’s Love It or List It. In addition to hosting this popular show, Hilary also owns a design business. Her company, Hilary Furr Designs, has locations in New York and Canada. Since she retired from acting, Farr has pursued a career in designing.

Hilary Farr and Gordon Farr met in California. Hilary auditioned for a show. Gordon and Hilary were married in 1982, and they welcomed their son Joshua Farr. Later, they divorced. Hilary shared a photo of the two of them online in 2013. She is now a grandmother of two boys and a girl. Josh Farr is currently living with his parents, but it’s not clear if he will remarry.

Gordon Farr and Hilary Farr are parents to Josh Farr. Their marriage was rumored to be troubled. Hilary and Josh have three grandchildren. Josh was also a guest host on Hilary’s Mother’s Day special, which was broadcast on Mother’s Day 2020. She also appeared on “Tough love.” He was born in May 1999 and was named after his mother. In the video, Josh introduced himself as Hilary Farr’s son. He also shared a personal story of how his mother cut him as a child.

Hilary Farr stands at a height of five feet nine inches. She is 60 kg. Her body is slender, and she has brown eyes and dark hair. Hilary Farr married her husband, Gordon Farr, in 1982. Hilary and Gordon Farr divorced in 2008. They have a son together. She is currently raising Josh, her son.

Hilary Farr’s husband, Gordon, was an actor in the 1970s. She starred in the movie Grease in London. Later, she starred in many television shows, including “Love It or List It”. In the early 2000s, she got diagnosed with a precancerous tumor in her breast. After the surgery, she had another lumpectomy. She was given the green light by a medical oncologist to continue living her life. During her treatment, she was able to get a second lumpectomy. In late 2014, she was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer. She had to go through another round of surgery, and was then signed off by her medical doctor.

Gordon and Hilary Farr were together for more than 18 years. They divorced in 2008 and settled in Canada. Hilary was blessed with a son, Gordon, who was born in 1983. Before their separation in 2008, Gordon and Hilary had a son, Josh. Their son currently lives in the United States. If you want to know more about Hilary Farr and her son, read on! It’s not too late to know about him!

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