Hoof Gp Net Worth

The Hoof GP Net Worth

Graeme Parker has attracted over 2.1 billion views between YouTube and Facebook since posting his videos of him trimming cow hoofs to YouTube. As a professional cattle hoof trimmer working from his home near Wigtownshire in Scotland he is considered to be ‘the world’s largest agricultural influencer’ with an extensive fan base worldwide.

He has garnered positive feedback from his videos’ viewers and earned a strong reputation for advocating ethical, cruelty free treatment of animals in his videos. They are educational as well as entertaining! Married and with three children of his own, The Hoof GP has been in business for 14 years – his company The Hoof GP continues to expand rapidly.

The Hoof GP has also established a website where he advertises his products and services. He hosts workshops for farmers on how to improve herd health as well as training courses on this subject. Furthermore, he is an in-demand public speaker who has given talks at numerous universities nationwide.

The Hoof GP’s YouTube channel has become an enormous success with over 1.04 million subscribers, as he generates income through advertisements and earns $3 per thousand video views he gets. Furthermore, The Hoof GP has received sponsorships and product endorsements in addition to hosting speaking engagements.

Though it’s impossible to ascertain an exact figure for The Hoof GP’s net worth, it is evident that his is impressive. Through hard work and dedication he has amassed considerable wealth. Additionally, he is an exemplary family man, caring about both friends and family as much as himself and having an impressive work ethic while constantly striving to improve himself.

Hoof GP has found himself at the center of several scandals despite his success, though some of his fans have attempted to bring him down out of jealousy and spite; but so far he has managed to avoid most of the negativity due to having strong support structures around him and staying true to his goal of helping people.

The Hoof GP stands 5 feet 5 inches and weighs in at an ideal 118 pounds. He features lovely blue eyes with light brown locks that make him highly endearing, and boasts toned muscles. To remain successful as a YouTube star and avoid any potential controversy issues in his career, The Hoof GP has done well at remaining out of any controversy-rich situations; thus maintaining such a stable position. His success serves as an inspirational role model to many young people seeking entrepreneurial paths – his continued success will undoubtedly continue in shaping their dreams in future years to come! He undoubtedly has bright future ahead of him and will continue being successful.

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