How to Get Your Internet and Landline to Work Simultaneously

Did you know that as long as you have a DSL internet connection, you can also use it to have home phone services ? If you are smart enough during the installation, you can make the best out of both worlds. However, there are some services by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that can make it easier for you to have both an internet and a home phone service. For instance, you should look into Xfinity triple play packages that not only give you amazing internet but brilliant home phone and TV services too.

Coming back to splitting a DSL service so that you can get an internet connection and home phone service too, these are some of the ways you can use a DSL to have both, an internet connection and a phone service:

What Exactly is a DSL?

DSL is short of Digital Subscriber Line, which is a broadband service that allows your phone service to also give you an internet connection. The best part about having a DSL connection is that you can use it for domestic purposes as well as your business requirements. The convenience that you get is that you can make the best out of both worlds, with crystal clear phone calls and an uninterrupted internet connection. You just need to know how to set up both of the connections and you are good to go. The reason why a DSL connection is able to give you an internet and a phone service is because it splits your telephone signals into three respective frequency bands.

Making Use of a Splitter for both

As you are setting up your DSL connection, you need to make sure you use a splitter for it. What a splitter does is that it segregates both of the connections, your internet and your phone. As a result, you will notice that both of your connections will not interfere with one another. You may also use both of the services independently, you don’t have to wait to turn off one to use the other.

The only part that you need to figure out is how to use a splitter as you are installing your DSL connection, which we have covered further below.

Setting Up your DSL Connection with a Splitter in a Step-by-Step Process

  1. For the first step, you need to find an ISP or a telephone company that specializes in giving DSL services. Subscribe to their services so that you may start the installation process.
  2. Take the DSL line splitter and connect to a wall socket that is specified for your DSL connection. The splitter then diverts your connections into two, a phone connection and an internet connection.
  3. Next, you need to take a telephone cable and have to connect it securely into the splitter jack. Take the other end of the cable and connect it to the DSL.
  4. Next, you need a LAN cable, or also called an Ethernet cable, and you need to plug that LAN cable into the backside of the DSL modem. Connect the other end of your LAN cable to your computer. Make sure you have your DSL modem powered on by plugging it into a power supply.
  5. Turn on your computer and your DSL modem and wait for a light indicator to turn on. When it turns on, it ensures that you have a successful connection between your computer and your modem.
  6. To start using the internet on your computer, open the Start menu and then click on Control Panel. Then, click on Network and Internet and then click on Network and Sharing Center. From there, you have to click on Set up a Connection or Network. Lastly, click on Connect to the Internet, doing this will allow you to use the internet.
  7. In the last step, you have to connect the line filter into the splitter so that it would block out all unnecessary noise while you use your phone and your internet simultaneously.

Why Should you Get a DSL Connection?

Even though the DSL technology is a bit outdated now, there are still some perks that would make you want to have a DSL connection. The biggest advantage of having a DSL connection is that it allows you to use internet and your landline at the same time. Also, if you are someone who has used dial-up internet for a long time, then this would be a major upgrade for you. There is also a lot of diversity when it comes to the pricing of DSL packages.

DSL internet also gives you slightly faster internet speed than what you would experience with a regular modem. It makes use of the pre-existing wiring you have for your telephone line, and it is very likely that the company that you get the DSL connection from will give you a modem instead of you having to get one separately.

Wrapping Up

Since DSL internet isn’t available everywhere, you might have a hard time trying to find locations where it is available. But if you do find such a place, make sure you get yourself a DSL connection as it allows you to have not just one, but two services, internet and home phone! So head out there and get yourself a DSL connection as soon as possible.

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