Hugh Hefner Smoking Jacket

Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for the man in your life, or are just a fan of the star’s classy sense of style, the Hugh Hefner smoking jacket is an excellent option. It’s soft velvet and comes with an attached pipe, but it won’t grant you a million-dollar empire or a mansion with a waterfall. It won’t even give you the keys to the kingdom.

If you’re in the market for a unique gift for your significant other, you’ll find that this burgundy jacket is the perfect choice. Hugh Hefner’s burgundy smoking jacket has a history dating back to the late nineteenth century. The jacket was originally a colorful robe worn over evening attire when retiring to a smoking room. It kept ashes and other debris from ruining the man’s clothing.

Hefner also published an article praising a study by the author Alfred Kinsey on the topic of homosexuality and marital sex. He also wrote a science fiction story that ruffled some feathers. It was rejected by Esquire magazine, but he didn’t apologize for it.

Playboy magazine, which he founded 65 years ago, is still one of Hefner’s most famous creations. During its early years, it sold 7 million copies worldwide. After that, Hefner shifted to television and running clubs, and he became a legendary figure. He was a prolific writer and host. Despite his fame, he struggled to keep himself healthy, and eventually passed away.

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