Hunter Mcgregor Accident

A jury trial was held in July 1997 over the crash involving a truck driven by Hunter McGregor. McGregor was the driver for a TRISM Specialized Carriers truck, and Continental Insurance Company was the insurance carrier. The jury found that McGregor had lost consciousness before the accident. The doctors who testified at the trial concluded that McGregor suffered from a condition known as cough syncope. This condition causes sudden loss of consciousness. It is often caused by coughing.

Investigators believe that the crash occurred due to the driver’s overcorrection in a left-hand lane while traveling on Highway 38 near St. Helena Parish. Hunter’s 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt was travelling west on LA 38 when he overcorrected to the left and spun into the eastbound lane. The vehicle then flipped over and hit a large tree. Investigators found that the driver was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Despite the jury’s verdict in the Hunter McGregor accident case, many details of the accident are still unclear. First, McGregor’s medical history includes asthma and emphysema. His emergency room admission notes show that he was on Ventolin for bronchitis. It is unlikely that McGregor was at fault for the accident. The jury may find that McGregor’s medical records prove his innocence but that the accident was the result of his fault.

Hunter Mcgregor’s tragic death left many fond memories. His warm personality, witty humor and love for people make him a person to be remembered. Many will be forever affected by his tragic passing. These sweet memories will be cherished by Hunter Mcgregor fans. These are just a few of the many sweet memories that Hunter Mcgregor has left behind.

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