I Sharted

A shart is a combination of shit and fart. It was first recorded in 2001 on a Usenet group and later entered the Urban Dictionary. Its usage has risen significantly over the past few years. Originally, the term appeared as a typo for other words like sharp and fart. Today, it is commonly used in everyday conversations.

While it is no big deal to shart in privacy, you must be careful in public. You can quickly and discreetly clean up by rolling your underwear in toilet paper and removing it. However, if you are caught sharting in public, you will need to clean up as soon as possible.

A shart can be embarrassing, especially if it happens when you’re suffering from diarrhea or taking a laxative. If you’re out in public, you’ll be embarrassed to go through this embarrassing process. Luckily, there are some funny shart memes to make you feel better.

If you’re concerned that you’re at risk for sharting, it’s important to eat more fiber. Fiber is your best defense against sharting, and a high fiber diet is good for the digestive tract. You should also avoid artificial sweeteners or foods high in sugar that can cause sharting. You should also avoid eating too many apricots, beans, and vegetables because they can cause sharting.

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