Ickey Woods Net Worth

Ickey Woods Net Worth

Before determining his net worth, you need to know that Woods is an American football player. In addition to playing the game, he has made money from his other ventures, including television commercials and videos. Additionally, he is married to Chandra Baldwin-Woods.

Ickey Woods was an American football player

Ickey Woods was a running back who played for the Cincinnati Bengals. His career was short-lived after tearing his left ACL during his sophomore season. He was replaced by Harold Green. After rehabilitating his knee, Woods was injured again during the 1991 preseason. He retired from the NFL at age 26. Woods was known for his touchdown dance.

Woods retired from football to work as a meat salesman and a security systems salesman. He also owned a flooring business in the Cincinnati area. Woods was also an assistant coach for the Cincinnati Marshals in 2006.

He has diversified his income through other ventures

Since retiring from football, Ickey Woods has been involved in a number of other business ventures. He has appeared in television commercials, coached a women’s football team, and has an ownership stake in two different humanitarian organizations. In addition to these businesses, Woods has a modest net worth of $5 million.

Ickey Woods was born in Fresno, California and went to UNLV for his education. While there, he was a four-year letterman for the school and was inducted into the school’s athletic hall of fame. In 1988, he was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals. He played running back for the team for four years. During that time, he led the NFL in rushing touchdowns and was second in total yards.

He has appeared in TV commercials and videos

You may have noticed the former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback in a recent commercial for Geico Insurance. This commercial has helped to introduce him to a new generation, and it has also thrust him back into the national spotlight. Woods, who played for the Bengals for 25 years, lives in the Cincinnati area today and continues to appear in television commercials.

Woods is a popular sports personality and has appeared in many commercials and videos. He was a star in the NFL from 1988 to 1991, but injuries cut his career short. One of his most famous dances is called the “Ickey Shuffle.” You may have even seen him in a TV commercial or music video.

He is married to Chandra Baldwin-Woods

Ickey Woods was born in the Year of the Horse, which makes her a Pisces. People born under this sign are easy-going, sociable, and independent. They are also known for being open and honest. Chandra Baldwin-Woods, who was born in the same year, shares a similar zodiac sign with Woods.

Ickey Woods is an American professional football player who was married to Chandra Baldwin-Woodies. They had six children together. Woods is also known for his charitable work, and has established the Ickey Woods Youth Foundation and the Jovante Woods Foundation in memory of his son. Both foundations support organ donation and research into asthma.

Ickey Woods is the owner of several businesses and has been an assistant coach for the Cincinnati Bengals. He has also starred in several commercials, including an Oldsmobile commercial and a GEICO insurance commercial. He also appears in several Bootsy Collins videos.

He has six children

Ickey Woods is married to Chandra Baldwin Woods and they have six children together. He is also known for his charitable work. He has established two foundations for youth, the Ickey Woods Youth Foundation and the Jovante Woods Foundation. The father of six is also active on social media.

After his NFL career ended, Woods stayed in Cincinnati and raised his children. He has always volunteered in the community. He established the Ickey Woods Youth Foundation to help children in the Cincinnati area. The foundation’s mission is to help fight childhood asthma. The foundation’s name comes from the fact that Woods’ son died from the disease in 2010. Since the death of his son, Woods has dedicated his time to helping find a cure and better treatments for asthma.

Aside from playing football, Ickey Woods also owns a restaurant in Cincinnati. He has also been featured in several commercials. He has appeared in a commercial for Oldsmobile and Geico Insurance. He has also appeared in videos made by Bootsy Collins.

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