Iman Shokuohizadeh Net Worth

Iman Shokuohizadeh Net Worth

Iman Shokuohizadeh, an NBA agent with an estimated net worth of $3-4 Million, has built his fame within basketball by representing some of its premier players and brokering lucrative contracts for them. Additionally, he’s known for playing Latosha Duffey’s fiance on VH1 reality show Basketball Wives LA – something he also plays out as part of his television presence.

Iman was born in 1983 to Iranian parents. After attending local school for his basic education, he went onto Centenary College Louisiana to further his education in basketball and pursue further studies. With an unwavering dedication towards his work ethic and a keen talent in this sport, his dedication has propelled him towards great success and recognition within sports industry.

Shadi is his daughter from his fiancee. She prefers keeping their personal lives private; there are no active social media accounts or focussed focus for him on his career goals.

Shokuohizadeh was introduced to the public through Basketball Wives LA Season 5. He and DJ Duffey quickly became one of the show’s most beloved couples and could often be seen playing basketball together – both remain very much in love today!

Shokuohizadeh went on to pursue his basketball career after the show concluded. Over the past decade, he has become an NBA agent, becoming a well-recognized name within the industry due to his extensive knowledge and wide network. Representing some of the top players in the league through The Lanshire Group LLC agency. He continues to do well.

Even as an accomplished NBA agent, Iman is extremely modest in his behavior and does not display his wealth on social media. He has gained a great reputation within the industry and continues to hone his craft; always giving extra effort toward his client’s success and commitment.

Iman is known for his passion and commitment to basketball, demonstrating this with an impressive net worth that speaks volumes of both. Not only is he an inspiration in the community, but also serves as an inspiring role model to all young people he mentors – showing them they can achieve anything if they work hard and never give up!

Iman is an inspiration to many young children and will remain one of the most recognized figures in sports. We wish him all of the best for his future endeavors and hope to see him appear on future seasons of Basketball Wives and other reality shows – we truly value what he adds to this industry and are eagerly awaiting seeing him back again soon.

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