In Xfinity Commercial

This year’s Xfinity commercial features a familiar face and a catchy jingle. The actress and model, Becky G, has made waves as a recording artist and has been featured in a variety of television shows. Her debut single has over 21 million views on YouTube. In the Xfinity commercial, Becky makes it clear that she’s a big fan of the service and goes above and beyond to purchase a Valentine’s Day gift for her loved one.

This Xfinity commercial highlights the features that make Xfinity Internet unique from other Internet providers. These include WiFi 6E capability, xFi Advanced Security, and strong, reliable connection via Xfinity Gateways. The campaign is also designed to give customers the opportunity to say on television that their internet service makes them an “unbeatable destination.”

The Xfinity commercial also features an up-and-coming singer named Becky G. The actress and singer is a breakout star in the music industry and has an enormous social media following. After appearing in her first major television commercial, she became an overnight sensation and is sure to get even bigger! But what is Becky G’s real name? Her full name is Rebbeca Marie Gomez, but she’s known to her fans as Becky G. She’s been hailed as a star by many and has over 30 million Instagram followers.

While Xfinity is known for its Internet speed, the commercials also feature a range of celebrities who endorse the service. The actor Ed Helms, boxer Evander Holyfield, and YouTuber FaZe Swagg are all familiar faces that you might recognize from other television commercials. However, the real reason why you should sign up with Xfinity is that they’ll give you super-sonic WiFi and Internet.

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