India Love Leaked

A 22 second clip from the India Love sex tape leaked onto the internet. The leaked clip was uploaded to Twitter early Tuesday morning. Twitter immediately took down the video but it was later re-posted elsewhere. The clip clearly shows two women, one of which is identified as India Love because of a tattoo on her butt. The other woman is clearly recording the action.

The tape is one of the latest to leak online. It reportedly features India Love and Soulja Boy. The two had a beef before the tape went public. Love has a massive Instagram following and was the source of the beef between Soulja Boy and Lil Yachty. After a photo of the two appeared online, Lil Yachty asked Soulja Boy to take it down. The sex tape subsequently went viral. Lil Yachty responded to the controversy by addressing the scandal and denying that he is dating Love.

India Love’s popularity skyrocketed in the wake of the video. It allegedly shows her performing bareback grinds on another woman. Internet sleuths immediately set out to identify the woman in the video. They quickly identified the woman in the video as Jazzy Mo. The video has been trending since it was leaked.

Since the song leaked, a lot of new songs have been released in India. One of the songs released is “Talk Yo Sh! T,” which features and a theme inspired by the Black Eyed Peas’ founder, The rapper has spoken about being a rising artist in a difficult industry. He has also revealed the harassment he faced in India, which continued even after he opened an account on social media.

The clip that was leaked was just 20 seconds long. It shows Love lying on her backside and showing off her genitalia. The video is considered X-rated material because it reveals intimate details. However, it is hard to confirm the identity of the woman who leaked the video. The mystery woman has a tattoo that says “LA.”

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