Irobot Roomba I1

The Roomba i1 robot vacuum features a three-stage cleaning system with dual multi-surface rubber brushes, an edge-sweeping brush, and 10x power lifting suction. This robot vacuum is a major upgrade from the Roomba 600 series. This robot vacuum is also equipped with a self-resetting suction head that adjusts to any floor type.

Roombas are equipped with smart sensors and navigation systems. This technology allows them to clean in a row-by-row pattern to ensure that no dirt is missed. These devices are also able to make cleaning suggestions based on home factors and conventions. They can even notify you through an app when they need to clean and when they’ve finished cleaning.

The Roomba i1 and i3 robot vacuums can be controlled via WiFi. Both models can also show a map of your home after cleaning. Their big brother, the i1+, has an auto-emptying docking station, which is great for those with dust allergies.

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