Is There Gonna Be A Descendants 4

Disney has revealed that the fourth movie in the Descendants series will be called “The Pocketwatch.” It will not follow the same characters as the first three films, but will follow new characters within the same universe. The plot will revolve around the sisters Red and Chloe, daughters of the Queen of Hearts and Cinderella, and their quest to stop a catastrophic event in Auradon.

Although the casting for Descendants 4 hasn’t been officially announced, it is expected that the film will feature most of the original cast. China Anne McClain, Sofia Carson, and Booboo Stewart have all been rumored to return. In addition to them, the movie will also feature Mitchell Hope as Ben and China Anne McClain as Uma.

Although Disney has not released the trailer for Descendants 4, the studio has found someone who can fill the roles of the characters. The actors playing Mal and Jay were confirmed to reprise their roles in the film. Similarly, China Anne McClain and Thomas Doherty will play Uma and Harry. In addition to them, Dylan Playfair will reprise his role of Dylan Playfair.

The first movie in the Descendants series was released in 2015, and it has been a huge hit for the Disney studio. Since then, Disney has released two sequels and an animated television special. Both movies are available on Disney+. The fourth movie in the Descendants series is expected to debut in August 2023.

“The Pocketwatch” will be directed by Jennifer Phang and written by Dan Frey and Russell Sommer. It is expected to begin production this fall. It will feature seven new songs as well as several Disney classics. “The Pocketwatch” will premiere on Disney+ in 2023.

The sequel will continue the story of the first film, but it is unclear how the story will continue. While the sequel will have new characters, it will expand the world established in the first two films. Casting details have not been announced, but it’s likely that some of the veteran faces will return. The sequel will feature seven original songs along with the old favorites.

The sequels of the first two movies were released in July 2017 across six Disney-owned networks. The third, entitled “The World,” will premiere on Disney Channel in August 2019. The sequels of “The Descendants” will also follow the descendants of the three films, including Beauty and the Beast. The fourth film will feature the children of Cinderella. They will focus on Red and Chloe. Kylie Cantrall and Dara Renee will play these two sisters.

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