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Isabel Sanford Net Worth – Biography, Birthday, Height, Early Life, Marriage, Wiki & Facts

Isabel Sanford’s net Worth, Biography, Age, Birthday, Height and Early Life includes her Family life and marriage status among others. For further details on this matter please read Isabel’s Biographie, Wiki & Facts here.

Isabel Sanford was an American actress best known for her portrayal of Louise Jefferson on All in the Family and The Jeffersons, where she became a beloved television character and advocate of civil rights issues.

Born poor and raised in Harlem, her dedication to acting enabled her to follow her passion and achieve success as an actress. Landing many stage roles and eventually making it onto film sets; eventually becoming one of Harlem’s best-known actresses with multiple award nominations under her belt.

She made over 200 films and television shows throughout her career, starring alongside some of the most celebrated actors such as Sherman Hemsley and Marla Gibbs. Additionally, she received a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Sanford was born August 29th 1917 in Harlem New York City. She attended the High School of Performing Arts before beginning her acting career. Before that she worked as a switchboard operator. Married until his death in 1960 to William Edward Richmond they shared three children; Sanford, Pamela and Eric.

Sanford dedicated much of her spare time to political activism. She worked with various organizations and campaigns focusing on civil rights. Through these endeavors she managed to change attitudes of many individuals as she encouraged them to fight for their own rights.

As she continued her advocacy work and amassed wealth through various means, her net worth reached around $3 Million when she died in 2004.

In 1995, she made four appearances as Tia and Tamera Mowry’s grandfather on the hit sitcom Sister, Sister. Additionally, she appeared in commercials for The Gap and Old Navy and made frequent guest appearances at TV shows or dry cleaning conventions.

Isabel Sanford passed away peacefully at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California at age 86 after an extended battle with cancer that involved frequent hospital visits leading up to her demise.

Isabel Sanford died suddenly and without warning on June 13, 2013. A close friend stated she had been suffering from lung and bronchial carcinomas for some time prior to being laid to rest at Westwood Village Cemetery in Los Angeles. Isabel Sanford was very close to her children who often visited at hospital where she resided. Isabel will forever live on through her legacy which inspires others to pursue their goals no matter the difficulties involved – one of the most influential African American actresses ever! We wish Isabel peace in heaven.

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