Ivy Calvin Net Worth

Ivy Calvin Net Worth

If you’ve watched Storage Wars, you may have noticed the name Ivy Calvin. This reality star is the most expensive actor on the show, earning a reported $175k per season. He appeared in the Season 3 premiere and became a regular cast member on the show in Season 5. However, Ivy is not a celebrity that appears on the news much. His personal life is largely private.

In addition to his involvement on the television show, Ivy Calvin has earned a considerable amount of money from his previous career as a football player. He played for Cal State Northridge and the Arena Football League. The former linebacker is now a successful entrepreneur. Aside from his business ventures, he also enjoys fishing, hunting, and traveling with his family.

According to reports, Ivy Calvin’s net worth is estimated at $2 million. The reality star is also rich in terms of his business, as he owns a thrift shop in Palmdale, California. His store sells items gathered from Storage Wars and offers unique and useful products to customers. As of late 2017, sources estimate his income at around $2 million.

In addition to his salary from Storage Wars, Ivy Calvin has also made a substantial fortune as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter. In 2002, he defeated Samu Samu in 60 seconds. MMA fighters receive a median salary of $138,250.

Another reason why Ivy is considered one of the most famous reality stars is because of his appearance on the TV show Storage Wars. The reality television series is produced by A&E Network. During Season 3, Calvin replaced Dave Hester. In season 5 of the show, he became the main cast member. Since then, he has appeared in over 50 episodes.

Before joining the MMA world, Ivy was a linebacker for the Arena Football League. He attended the California State University in Los Angeles, where he also attended a football academy. Afterward, he pursued his passion for MMA fighting. He won his first fight in the sport. He then took up an assistant coaching position at Vasquez High School.

Calvin also owns a mansion, which he shares with his wife Wendy. Together, they have two sons. They enjoy spending time together and also travel across the state of California. While Calvin is very focused on his business venture, he is also very committed to his community. In fact, he often promotes charity events on social media.

Ivy Calvin is married to Wendy, whom he met at the “Reality Wanted Awards” in 2014. They appear frequently on the social networking site Twitter. Their children, Ivy Jr. and Isaiah, appeared with their father in the Storage Wars episode.

Though Ivy’s personal life is relatively unheard of, he has a very loyal following. He has even donated merchandise from his thrift store to various charities. Although his bio is rather vague, it’s hard not to notice the virtuous nature of his actions. When his family is not busy with their business, they like to travel around California.

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