Izzy Hands

Israel Hands (also known as Basilica Hands) is a pirate who served as Blackbeard’s right-hand man. His nickname comes from the Latin word basilica, meaning ‘royal palace.’ A basilica was an Ancient Roman building, commonly used as a court or public assembly. Later, the word basilica was used to refer to buildings of religious or historic importance. Izzy is a religious character, and his imposing appearance matched his religious beliefs.

Izzy has served as Blackbeard’s first mate for many years, and he is fiercely loyal to his master. During his time with the pirate Blackbeard, he learns about Stede Bonnet’s successes killing British officers. He then joins the crew of the Revenge, where he acquires Stede’s hostages with the intention of selling them for a high price. However, he is defeated in a sword fight by Stede and is thrown off the Revenge.

Izzy hands’ character in the series is the primary obstacle to Stede and Ed’s relationship. Izzy is unlike the other villains in the series in that she seems to care about Stede and refuses to accept that Stede is not “Blackbeard.” Izzy’s resentment toward Stede is not the result of bullying hatred, but intense jealousy.

Silver, in the meantime, is struggling between his loyalty to Flint and to Madi, and is unsure whether to kill his best friend, Billy, or follow Flint’s orders. In the meantime, Hands rebukes him for not knowing, and Silver’s decision to sacrifice Billy isn’t a priority for him.

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