Jackie Glue Strain

The Gorilla Glue strain is a heavy indica hybrid that delivers a powerful dose of relaxation. Users of this strain will experience a feeling of total relaxation coupled with coupled happiness and a touch of euphoria. This strain is highly potent, so it is best enjoyed in the evening.

This strain was created by Josey Wales, co-founder of GG Strains. He created it accidentally by letting one of his plants go hermaphrodite and pollinating it with another. The resulting seeds were tossed in a trashcan, and Lone Watie saved them and germinated them at home.

Jacky White’s effects are versatile, ranging from helping patients with attention deficit disorder and depression to reducing stress. The strain is also a good choice for treating inflammation and dulling physical pain. It is a powerful sedative, which can help with everyday discomforts such as indigestion.

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