Jackie Siegel

Jacqueline Siegel is a famous American socialite, model, actress, and beauty pageant director. Her life is the subject of the 2012 documentary film, “The Queen of Versailles,” directed by Lauren Greenfield. The film focuses on Siegel’s life and the challenges she faced to succeed.

The Siegel family has faced many challenges in building their new home. They purchased land in 2000 but had to put the project on hold during the downturn. Their daughter, Victoria, died of an overdose in 2015, and the construction was delayed during a difficult economic period. As a result, the home was not completed. Despite the many challenges that the Siegel family has encountered in building their new home, Siegel has chosen to invite the cameras into her personal life and invites the public to follow along on her journey.

Siegel’s new home is a 90000-square-foot mega-mansion modeled after the palaces of Versailles in France. The house has six kitchens, a 35-car garage, a 150-person dining room, and a grand ballroom. In addition to this, the home also features an aviary and a Benihana hibachi grill. Siegel suspects that the home could be worth over $200 million once it is finished.

Jackie Siegel was the subject of a documentary in 2012 called “The Queen of Versailles” that followed her life and her family’s quest to build the largest single-family home in the United States. She and her husband David Siegel are also the owners of Westgate Resorts, the largest privately owned timeshare resorts in the world.

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