Jackson Kelly Horse

A man accused of abusing horses is in jail after a video of his actions surfaced on the internet last week. The video showed Jackson sexually assaulting a horse at a stable in Norfolk. The owner of the stable shared the screenshot with police, and the footage has not yet been made public. Authorities are now trying to identify the animal by DNA tests.

The man has pleaded not guilty to a charge of molesting a horse. The 19-year-old, a former resident of Norfolk, lives in Allston, Massachusetts. The incident was caught on surveillance video, but Kelley tried to hide his actions by unplugging the camera. However, one camera was able to capture the entire assault.

The surveillance footage of Kelley having sex with the horse shows the man is a Black man. The man is accused of breaking into a horse stable and having sex with the animal. The stable’s owner received an electronic alert after seeing Kelley on a surveillance camera. A tipper helped police identify Kelley and the case has now been filed against him.

The horse was not injured during the incident. DNA tests were conducted on the suspect and the mare. DNA tests were performed on the mare, and Kelley is currently being held without bail. The court will decide whether he poses a danger to the public before deciding on his release. Meanwhile, he is under strict supervision and is required to wear a GPS ankle bracelet and stay away from horse stables until he is able to answer any questions about the incident.

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