Jacob Elordi Kendall Jenner

The recent breakup of Jacob Elordi and Kendall Jenner was not exactly a surprise. Both have been linked to other women for a long time. While Kendall Jenner is currently dating NBA player Devin Booker, Elordi has been linked to several farandula rostros. He also dated model Kaia Gerber, daughter of Cindy Crawford. The two reportedly split up a few months ago.

Kendall Jenner was spotted spending time with a familiar face in Paris recently. While at a party, the reality star appeared to be chatting with Jacob Elordi, the lead actor from the movie Euphoria. A video of the party was posted by Mustafa the Poet on Feb. 28.

While Jenner was previously dating Kaia Gerber, the two were not officially linked until January 2022. Both had been photographed together several times. During that time, the two appeared to be flirting with each other. In December 2021, they were also spotted at a coffee shop together. Jenner has previously been linked to Zendaya and Joey King.

The pair were spotted together in Paris after the fashion week there. The couple sat next to each other and their shoulders seemed to touch. It is unclear if they are still dating or just friends. Kendall Jenner is currently dating NBA player Devin Booker.

Jacob Elordi, 24, is an actor and model. The pair were invited to attend various fashion shows in Paris. Their relationship became viral on social media. The video was shared widely on social media. It has triggered a series of reactions from fans.

Jacob Elordi and Kendall Jenner have a history. The pair have been dating for several years. However, Jacob was the ex-boyfriend of Devin Booker, who is still dating Jenner. Devin deserves a better girl. So if Jenner and Elordi are still dating, it is time for Booker to move on.

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