Jadakiss With Hair

After years of going bald, Jadakiss has finally returned with a full head of hair. A photo of Jadakiss with new hair is generating plenty of reactions online. The singer is not new to baldness. Although he is well-known for his hairline, many of his fans are not happy with the way it looks. People are wondering if Jadakiss had a hair transplant or just let it grow.

The rapper may have done the hair transplant to show the world he isn’t bald. But this move didn’t just come about because he wanted to look cool and give fans a new look. Jadakiss grew Jadakiss’ hair to honor K. Rosewood and match his new album. Although Jadakiss has been bald for some time, he decided to change his look to promote his new album.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Jadakiss’ hair. Some people believe that Jadakiss is a wimp, despite the fact that he has always been bald. Jadakiss said that even his mother believed he couldn’t grow hair due to his short stature in a 2012 interview. Jadakiss grew his hair to show respect for a prison friend.

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