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Teen Mom: The Next Chapter Star Jade Cline and Sean Austin Are Engaged!

Jade Cline’s relationship with a man

Jade Cline’s relationship with ‘Sean Austin’ has gone through ups and downs. Although the two have a history of rocky relationships, they seem to be moving past those problems and back to happiness. They have rekindled their love life and have even moved back in together.

Teen Mom 2 is currently on its ninth season and Jade Cline has been in the spotlight again. She has been outspoken about her life and career. She has revealed to MTV that she has had a Brazilian butt lift and liposuction. She also opened up about her recovery from the surgery. She admitted that it was a painful experience, but she is doing everything she can to be a good mom to her daughter Ensley.

Jade Cline’s relationship with ‘Sean’ was recently confirmed after the co-parents’ relationship was strained. In March of 2021, the Teen Mom 2 star shared a photo with Sean while they were on bed. The caption reads: ‘Love has always felt right, but it hasn’t been easy.’ She went on to say that the relationship was “not perfect, but it’s worth it.” Jade also hinted that she and her ex-boyfriend had been dating for some time.

Her engagement to Sean Austin

Teen Mom: The Next Chapter star Jade Cline and boyfriend Sean Austin recently confirmed that they were engaged. While they hadn’t planned to get engaged yet, they revealed in a recent TikTok video that they were engaged. The couple plans to have a Gothic Victorian wedding. They share a four-year-old daughter named Kloie.

While filming their upcoming wedding special on Teen Mom: The Next Chapter, the couple were surrounded by multiple cameras. Cline also confirmed that a wedding special was inevitable. She also revealed that she and Austin are planning to tie the knot on Oct. 2023. Though the couple decided not to announce the news on social media, they did confirm that the wedding will take place on the show.

The couple first met on the Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant premiere in 2018. They later welcomed a daughter named Kloie. However, they later called it quits in 2019.

Her sexy beach selfies

Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline recently shared provocative beach selfies on Instagram. In the first photo, she is smiling while looking over her shoulder. Her blonde hair cascades down her back, and she wears a pair of pink sunglasses. In the second photo, she is showing off her backside. In the comments, some fans complained about Jade’s sexy photos.

Jade’s sexy beach selfies have caused quite a stir. The Teen Mom 2 star posted them to her Instagram page after meeting up with her friend Cheyenne Floyd. They also visited a Chinese restaurant named Tao. Jade pouted in one of the photos, fueling rumors that she had lip injections. In another, she shared a picture of herself and Kloie.

Her relationship with Roxanne DeJesus

Jade Cline’s relationship with Roxann DeJesus was a hot topic on Teen Mom 2. The two sisters bonded after helping Jade Cline recuperate from plastic surgery. However, a recent incident has left fans of the reality show questioning their relationship. Roxanne, who is the mother of Jade’s daughter Briana, called the show’s producers out on Twitter for harassing her. She also claimed that the production crews were ruining her property.

Jade and Sean broke up several times but were close on Teen Mom 2. However, Jade was able to keep Sean by her side during a difficult time. In the early part of 2021, Jade Cline underwent plastic surgery, which she documented on the show. However, she experienced complications after having a Brazilian Butt Lift.

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