Jade Love

Jade Love

Uncensored Taiwanese film

Jade Love is a 1984 Taiwanese film directed and written by Chang Yi. It is based on a novella by Pai Hsien-yung, and is set in mainland China. This film was subjected to harsh censorship by the Chinese government, which deleted four minutes of the film. However, an uncensored version was released in 2012.

The film begins with a love triangle between Phoenix Huang, a gay man who murders a burglar, and prosecutor Jade Yeh, a devout Christian whose father is a pastor. The two men are attracted to each other, but both are adamantly opposed to sexual intercourse.

Taiwan has a history of progressive social reform, and this country has been at the forefront of LGBTQIA+ rights. In fact, in the two years leading up to the passage of Asia’s first same-sex marriage law, the country produced 20 queer films. The critically acclaimed film Dear Ex is among those films.

The film features an excellent cast and uncensored subtitles. The film opens with a car chase between Jiasheng and a gangster. Lee Chatametikool includes plenty of action shots, including gunshots and drifting on mountain roads. However, the film’s climax is broken by a cliche that occurs when Jiasheng’s car crashes into a fruit stall. Jiasheng is then taken to an indigenous tribe member’s home, where he discovers he needs money to support his hemophiliac son. The film also attempts to get around Taiwan’s universal healthcare system.

A highly emotional film, Three High School Students is a revealing and heartbreaking tale of friendship and longing. Despite its bleak circumstances, it is a moving and inspiring film about love, life, and the repercussions of family trauma.

Symbolism of Jade

Jade is an extremely rare and precious stone that is associated with many different meanings. In ancient China, the stone was thought to cure all illnesses. It was also a symbol of good luck, and it was often worn by the nobility. Throughout history, the stone was used as an ornament, weapon, or utensil, and it was also offered to water spirits for protection. Jade is also associated with healing and is often present in alternative healing methods.

The colors of jade can represent a variety of different things. The lighter shades are supposedly connected to Taoist cosmology and represent softer energies, or yin. The deeper green jade, on the other hand, is said to contain more significant and powerful energy, or yang. These colors also symbolize the ability to rise above adversity and live a happier life.

Jade is also associated with good fortune and wealth. It is often considered the protector of generations and has a protective aura. It is a heart stone and is favored by several star signs. Taurus and Gemini, in particular, find the cool touch of the stone soothing. The stone is also known to ground and strengthen Tauruses, which often struggle with self-doubt. Jade will help them overcome these issues by strengthening their self-esteem.

The stone can bring balance to a relationship. Jade is a stone of abundance, and is also known as jadeite or nephrite. While it is difficult to distinguish between these two stones, they share many of the same healing properties. It is thought to increase fortune, improve relationships, and bring maturity. It is even referred to as the lucky stone.

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