Jaid Thomas Nilon

Jaid Thomas Nilon is the son of Jill Thomas Nilon and Jax Joseph Nilon. He is currently single and quite young. He has a very lean and solid body. His eyes and hair color are dark and he has a medium height. His parents divorced in 2011.

Jaid Thomas Nilon was born in Saint-Marc, Haiti. He is the youngest of two children and is the youngest child in his family. His parents, Garcelle Beauvais and Michael Nilon, are both Haitian-American. His father is an agent, and his mother is a famous Haitian actress. The two met at a casting call and became friends. Jaid Thomas Nilon has an older half-brother named Oliver Saunders. The parents have not disclosed the educational background of their children.

Jaid’s net worth is unknown. His parents’ combined net worth is about $8 million. The couple lives a lavish lifestyle. Currently, Jaid is still in high school and isn’t a professional. However, he is enjoying his parents’ fortune. His parents are both millionaires.

Although the twins’ parents have a close relationship, their personalities differ. Their father is laid-back while their mother is very friendly. The twins are very close and have developed a mutual understanding of each other’s personalities. However, they have not launched their own IG or social media pages yet.

Jaid and Oliver have two children: a daughter named Jax and a son named Oliver Jr. They also have a half-brother named Jax. Jaid’s mom Garcelle Saunders has been married twice. Her second husband, Daniel Saunders, is a producer.

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