Jake Lamotta Net Worth

Jake Lamotta Net Worth

Jake Lamotta was an iconic middleweight fighter known for his vicious fighting style. Known as an “Unstoppable Hurricane,” Jake would shred opponents like paper, before tossing them around like dominoes during matches. Yet outside the ring he was notoriously violent; admitting to robbing people and assaulting women.

Although infamous for his violent nature and wild lifestyle, he became a champion boxer who earned millions through his fights. Additionally, his autobiography was turned into the movie Raging Bull starring Robert De Niro; furthermore he owned and operated bars.

The Bronx Bull became world middleweight champion in 1949, engaging in several memorable bouts with Sugar Ray Robinson before eventually retiring in 1954. Throughout his lifetime he experienced both joy and sorrow personally with relationships involving Hollywood celebrities like Jayne Mansfield and Hedy Lamarr among many others.

After his retirement from boxing, he managed the bars and nightclubs he owned as well as acting and performing comedy at various venues. His film roles included The Hustler and Firepower while also engaging in stand-up comedy performances at various venues. Married seven times himself, Jake fathered two sons (Joey & Joey), four daughters Jacklyn & Elisa from each marriage he experienced.

At his professional best, the Bronx Bull won 83 out of his 86 fights with 30 knockouts during his time as a professional fighter. Following a loss against Billy Kilgore in 1954 and subsequent retirement from fighting altogether, he eventually wrote an autobiography that became Raging Bull starring Robert De Niro; it chronicles his experiences as an active fighter with challenging relationships between managers and wives as well as life post-retirement.

Giacobbe “Jake” LaMotta was better known by his stage name of Jake LaMotta and had an outstanding American boxing record with 83 wins and 30 losses over an 83-fight career spanning 29 years from 1922-1994. Known for his intense fighting style and ability to outlast opponents.

Once he left the ring, legal issues continued to plague him until 1960 when he was finally charged with promoting prostitution and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, receiving six months in jail as punishment. Subsequently he spent much of his wealth lavishing himself in luxurious lifestyles before ultimately spending most of his time with his wife-manager-wife; ultimately he passed away and was laid to rest in Brooklyn.

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